ICIF Gs at World Bank Global Islamic Finance Development Centre, Turkey with GIFDC Financial Sector Specialist Nihat Gumus
ICIF GS participating in a meeting of Committee on Medium Term Path on Financial Inclusion of RBI headed by Shri Deepak Mohanty
ICIF GS with Parliamentary Standing Committee on Finance Chairman Dr. Veerappa Moily and MP E.T. Md Basheer
ICIF GS participating inThe 2nd Maldives Islamic Banking and Finance (MIBFI) Conference at Maldives on 4th November 2015
ICIF Delegation meeting Dubai International Financial Centre (DIFC) Executive Team CA. Chirag Shah and DR. Ahmed Al Aulaqi at DIFC Headquarters, Dubai.
ICIF Delegation with Dr. Raghuramrajan
ICIF GS with Rushdie Siddiqui, Ezam Shah of INCEIF and Maldives Finance Minister Dr. Abdullah Jihad.
Mr. K Rahman Khan Raising the Issue of SBI Shariah Fund in Rajya Sabha
ICIF Delegation meeting Rajya Sabha select committee members MPs KC Thyagi and P Rajeev for the inclusion of takaful in the Insurance (Amendment) Bill
ICIF delegation meeting Dinesh K Khara, MD & CEO SBI FUND Management Pvt Ltd & other senior officials
Discussion with Eminent Journalist Mr.MD Nalapat and Mr. Mohandas Pai,Chairman, Manipal Global Education.
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Welcome to ICIF


Indian Centre for Islamic Finance (ICIF) is striving to present Islamic economy and financial system as an alternative to the prevailing conventional system based on free trade and controlled economic systems. It is on one hand, creating awareness among the masses how Islamic financial system is humane, based on ethics and beneficial to all segments of the society and more particularly the marginalized and unorganized sector. On other hand, it is

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Aims & Objectives

To develop an institution of research, studies and training at the highest level of scholarship in the field of Islamic economics and finance. To undertake theoretical and empirical studies for the application of principles of Islamic economics and finance in India, in different states in India and also to study such experiments in other countries. To publish the results of the research undertaken by

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The Islamic Finance Model

The Islamic economic model has been developed over time, based on the rulings of Sharia on commercial and financial transactions. The Islamic financial framework, as seen today, stems from the principles developed within this model, some of which are outlined below: • The Islamic economic model emphasises fairness. This is reflected in the requirement that everyone involved in a transaction makes informed decisions and is not misled or che

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  1. THE FRONTLINE- OCT 23, 2009

    For the first time a debate over real economic issues concerning the Muslim community is taking place and a demand is gradually emerging that the government should take specific measures to introduce ...

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